Sunday, November 05, 2017


Eric and I have officially been in the house for over one month! Things have been insanely busy trying to get this place to feel more like a "home." Although our weekends have been booked solid with various personal events basically since we moved in, we've gotten a lot done in the last month and a bit. However, we've still got a lot to go! Looking forward to having next weekend free to hopefully do some painting!

Before I start posting updates on what we've done so far, here are a few photos of what the house looked like a few days before we moved in, when it was completely empty! It will certainly be interesting to look back at these photos once we get the house looking how we want it to look.

Entrance into our home

The Kitchen
Master Bedroom

Master Ensuite

Master Ensuite - tub

Main Bath

Main Bath - tub

The Nursery
 Take care!!

Monday, July 10, 2017


I received some somewhat exciting news last week. Our house is AHEAD of schedule, and we may end up getting the house sooner than September! I'm not holding my breath, but it's exciting that it's a possibility... Our builder will let us know next week if we can close early.

Anyhow, just a quick update today.. I stopped by our house again tonight and we have PAINTED walls and our stair rails have been installed :) Looks like we will get trim and flooring very shortly! Here's a few pictures:

Front of the house (View from Dining Room) 
New stairs
Another view of the stairs


Upstairs Hall (View from Master Bedroom)
Countdown: 66 days (2 months and 3 days) and
46 days (1 month and 15 days) until our *proposed* new closing date ;)

Goodbye for now!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017


We popped by the house again last night and were pleasantly surprised by lots of progress! To be honest, I really don't know why our house closing is delayed as everything seems to be moving at a good pace! The exterior is pretty much complete (minus a few trim pieces and the exterior paint) and the construction crew is almost finished with the drywall!

Now that the drywall is up, you can really see what each room will look like, and I have a feel for the layout of the home. Besides a few unwanted bulkeads (-.-) - haha - I am really loving our house!

Here's a few pictures of the progress to date.

Exterior - June 2017
The Study

Hall Closet

Dining Room
Living Room

Kitchen/Patio Door

Master Bedroom


Future Kid's room
Guest Room

Guest Bathroom

Goodbye for now!

Countdown: 78 days (2 months and 16 days)

Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Well, we are finally getting there! For a while there, it seemed like we were never going to pass the 3-month mark. The exterior is pretty close to being finished, and inside the home actually feels like a home! Our plumbing and electrical looks complete now, we are just waiting for our frame walk appointment to ensure everything is correct, and then they will begin drywalling, and the finally the fun things (finishings) will be installed.

Here's a few pics of the progress to date. Due to the great weather we've been having, I'm sure by the end of the week the shingles and siding will be complete.

Countdown: 85 days (2 months, 24 days) 

Goodbye for now!

Sunday, May 28, 2017


Well, we seem to be going back in time (again). We've been delayed again... However, since this is our second delay, the new date we were given is firm! We will take possession of our home officially on September 14, 2017. Overall, the delay is not too extreme (3 weeks from our last tentative closing date, or 2 months after our original closing of July 2017). Considering some people have been delayed close to a year, I am happy with 2 months.

While it's inconvenient we have to be out of our current home by August 25, I'm happy we sold our house when we did, as houses are starting to drop in price, and some houses on my street/nearby streets are having a hard time selling. Moving all our belonging twice will be a lot of work, but we are thankful to at least have multiple options for where we can live for 3 weeks. And the good thing about pushing our move-in date until September is the weather will start to cool down so we won't need to invest in an air conditioner for almost a year!

Anyways, here's a photo of the house as of today. The newest update is doors and windows!

Countdown: 109 days (3 months and 16 days) 

Talk to you later!

Sunday, May 14, 2017


Just a short update to today!

From the looks of it, our framing is now complete and the construction crew is now starting to focus on the interior of the home! It's a bit difficult to get inside the house with all the construction and security workers present (they don't like you running around the house for obvious safety reasons) but I took a quick peak in the house today... It's amazing to see our home finally taking form! It looks like their getting ready to start the ductwork soon, and we will be invited to do our "frame-walk" (where we confirm everything is in the right place and they've got all our upgrades correct).  I'm super excited to do an actual walk through the entire house

Here's a few pictures of the recent progress!

View from the front window:

View from the front door:

Countdown: 102 days (3 months and 10 days)

Sunday, April 30, 2017


We were seriously doubting we would close by our new closing, as we just hit 4 months until close and there was still no progress on our home. However, the builder finally started the framing this past week! And they seem to be moving along really quickly. This was so exciting for us as our house is finally starting to look like a HOUSE!

I went by to see the house on Friday on my way home from work, and then for some reason thought I should go back on Saturday on my way home from a friend's house. I was surprised to see they actually made a lot of progress in just one day!

Below are some pictures of the current state of the house. I will try to resist posting again until all of the framing is done!




Countdown: 115 days (3 months and 23 days)

Goodbye for now!