Sunday, May 28, 2017


Well, we seem to be going back in time (again). We've been delayed again... However, since this is our second delay, the new date we were given is firm! We will take possession of our home officially on September 14, 2017. Overall, the delay is not too extreme (3 weeks from our last tentative closing date, or 2 months after our original closing of July 2017). Considering some people have been delayed close to a year, I am happy with 2 months.

While it's inconvenient we have to be out of our current home by August 25, I'm happy we sold our house when we did, as houses are starting to drop in price, and some houses on my street/nearby streets are having a hard time selling. Moving all our belonging twice will be a lot of work, but we are thankful to at least have multiple options for where we can live for 3 weeks. And the good thing about pushing our move-in date until September is the weather will start to cool down so we won't need to invest in an air conditioner for almost a year!

Anyways, here's a photo of the house as of today. The newest update is doors and windows!

Countdown: 109 days (3 months and 16 days) 

Talk to you later!

Sunday, May 14, 2017


Just a short update to today!

From the looks of it, our framing is now complete and the construction crew is now starting to focus on the interior of the home! It's a bit difficult to get inside the house with all the construction and security workers present (they don't like you running around the house for obvious safety reasons) but I took a quick peak in the house today... It's amazing to see our home finally taking form! It looks like their getting ready to start the ductwork soon, and we will be invited to do our "frame-walk" (where we confirm everything is in the right place and they've got all our upgrades correct).  I'm super excited to do an actual walk through the entire house

Here's a few pictures of the recent progress!

View from the front window:

View from the front door:

Countdown: 102 days (3 months and 10 days)

Sunday, April 30, 2017


We were seriously doubting we would close by our new closing, as we just hit 4 months until close and there was still no progress on our home. However, the builder finally started the framing this past week! And they seem to be moving along really quickly. This was so exciting for us as our house is finally starting to look like a HOUSE!

I went by to see the house on Friday on my way home from work, and then for some reason thought I should go back on Saturday on my way home from a friend's house. I was surprised to see they actually made a lot of progress in just one day!

Below are some pictures of the current state of the house. I will try to resist posting again until all of the framing is done!




Countdown: 115 days (3 months and 23 days)

Goodbye for now!


A lot has happened in the last month! A few weeks ago we found out our new home will be delayed until Aug 24, pushing back our closing date a month in a half! This was disappointing news of course but the silver lining is that we will now get to enjoy the entire summer in our *fenced* in backyard.

Due to the delay of our new home, we intended to wait until June to sell  our current home.. However the idea of waiting was causing me a lot of stress! Especially with lots of recent intervention from the government to bring down the cost of housing. Ultimately, we decided to take a risk and go ahead and sell now. Our rational was: we know what the market is now, but don't know what it will be like in the future. Plus, we're in the spring market where more people are shopping for homes!

We listed our townhome the afternoon of Monday April 24 and already had people visiting that evening, and an offer came in on Wednesday April 26, which we accepted! We could have possibly got a better offer if we had waited, however the offer was very generous and the new home owners let us push the closing date until the end of August which was important to us. Now we just have to be hopeful that our new house isn't delayed now (our we will be paying our parents a visit)!

We are super excited for our new home of course, but also very sad to leave our first home! We live in a great, quiet location with no homes located across from us (which is arguably nicer than the location of our new home), and we have very friendly neighbours. So we will have to start coming to terms with leaving soon!

Anyways, below are some beautiful pictures taken by our Relator's photographer. We think the photographer did a great job and even possibly made our home look better than it looks in person! We borrowed a few accessories from our Relator's stager (who I loved by the way), but the majority of stuff we had was fine.

Take care!

Monday, March 06, 2017


Well! I have nothing exciting to report, other than, it's officially one month until we get confirmation if our home is firm or not.. Woo! If we aren't notified by April 4 of a delay, then our closing is considered FIRM and we are good to put our current house on the market! If we do, however, get notified of a delay, we will have to wait about a month to find out if we will be delayed again. So here's hoping to us being on time! This has been a quick (but also LONG) two years. I'm so looking forward to selling our house so we don't have to worry about owning two houses anymore! The market is crazy hot right now, but you never know what could happen...

Really nothing has happened since my last post, but since we visited the home yesterday, here's a pic of the house in more sunny weather (at least it's not snow covered).

Countdown: 4 months, 7 days (129 days)

Goodbye for now!

Monday, February 20, 2017


I have just a quick post today as there isn't much to update. I drove by the site the other day and it looks like they will be starting the framing of our house shortly. I see some wood around the stairs, however I think it's only there to pour concrete for the stairs. Hoping they start the bricks on the houses around ours soon, so they can start our framing! I predict our framing will be started in March and done by the end of April. I absolutely cannot wait for our "Framewalk" where we'll actually get to see the "bones" of our home. I'm also looking forward to putting our current home on the market and hopefully selling fast as I'm quite antsy about owning two homes!

Countdown: 142 days (4 months, 22 days)

Goodbye for now!!

Thursday, January 19, 2017


We drove by our lot a few weeks ago and were pleasantly surprised when we found out our foundation had been poured! There likely won't be any more activity on our lot until March/April since we are the "fire break" house, but it will be interesting to drive by and see progress on the rest of our street. Unfortunately, it sounds like people are starting to get delayed, so we may not actually get to move in July.. but we're crossing our fingers that we'll be able to move in as soon as possible!

Below are a few pics of our foundation.

Countdown: 175 days (5 months and 24 days)